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In our daily work, aspects such as employee commitment, trust of our suppliers and business partners or the quality of services provided to our customers are of utmost importance — they are the foundations of T-Mobile’s business operations.

When implementing the rules of corporate social responsibility, we analyse the map of our stakeholders, i.e., the groups of people and entities in our surroundings that influence and are influenced by our company. The key groups of stakeholders were defined on the basis of an internal analysis, and during meetings of our senior management. We endeavour to build respect-based relationships with our stakeholders, taking into account their opinions and expectations in our activities.

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When engaging our stakeholders, we divide our activities into three directions: engagement, communication, dialogue. Our stakeholders are different, that’s why we communicate with them through different channels. We keep constant contact with selected groups, due to long-term cooperation, while part of stakeholders are only informed about our activities.

How we communicate
Workshops, joint projects with the involvement of different departments, regular meetings — or townhalls, a ‘kick-off’ annual conference.
Ongoing communication via internal communication channels, getting people involved in joint projects for the benefit of local communities and the environment
Informing about the company’s standing, finances and plans implemented, regular meetings in project groups
Business partners
Informing about standards of cooperation, building a partner network, dialogue
Local communities
Implementation of programmes and projects with the involvement of selected groups
Adjustment to the law and keeping people informed in accordance with the requirements of the market
Conversations over the phone, face-to-face meeting in our stores, getting involved in environmental campaigns
Regulatory authorities
Informing about implemented projects, ensuring adjustment to the legal requirements
Global and local suppliers
Informing about standards and applicable rules of cooperation, ensuring ongoing communication within the framework of commercial collaboration
Corporate website and other electronic channels, social media, interviews, press conferences, online meetings
Social media, sharing information about the company via media
Prospective employees
Informing about new job vacancies, employer branding activities
Business and sector organisations
Cooperating on sector-specific initiatives, exchange of information
Getting people involved in T-Mobile projects, social media
School pupils
Getting people involved in educational and social projects, contact through parents and teachers
Informing about our activities
Non-governmental organisations
Cooperation with selected organisations on social projects, dialogue and exploring opportunities for cooperation

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