We turn energy into a green one


Every year, we aim to achieve the established goals related to the consumption of energy and the use of renewable energy sources.

As part of our efforts, we are upgrading our base stations while reducing the consumption of energy. On the other hand, modern planning methods allow us to use natural heating and cooling methods. At the same time, in 2020, we completed the construction of two photovoltaic systems thanks to which we will be able to increase the share of green energy in the overall consumption.

These efforts help us achieve CO2 reduction goals: from 2021, we want to use only green energy from renewable sources, for which guarantees of origin have been issued.

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Total consumption of energy from non-renewable sources (purchased and own — generated within the organisation) and types of fuels used
Fuel oil
(GJ) 349
Liquid fuels
(GJ) 658.57
Total energy consumption
GJ 1007.57
Total consumption of energy from renewable sources
Wind energy
(GJ) 33.66
Photovoltaic energy
(GJ) 130.57
Total energy consumption
GJ 164.23
Total consumption:
(GJ) 971,532.00
Heat energy
(GJ) 7 428.00
Cooling energy
(GJ) 574.88
Total consumption
GJ 979,534.88
GJ 980,706.68

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