Our greatest responsibility is to provide high-quality services and to ensure that they can be safely used.

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Nowadays the internet, in combination with emerging technologies, offers practically unlimited possibilities to learn, discover the world and meet new people. Its broadly accessible and varied content may pose a threat if not used properly, especially for the youngest users. At the same time, changing our lifestyle is an increasing challenge.
As a result of the SARS-CoV2 outbreak, we have moved our daily lives, from work, to time off and sports or shopping, into the web.
Today, we work and often also relax online, forgetting the dangers of poorly secured online presence. Active use of the Internet does not always mean that we are aware of all the risks we might face in the virtual realities.
Therefore, one of the three priorities of our responsible business strategy is to implement and follow initiatives intended to increase online safety for users, especially the youngest ones.

We are trying to take measures to increase awareness, promote education and make tools available to support a safe and responsible life online.

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