Customer services

In our relations with customers, we are primarily concerned with building long-term relationships based on trust and partnership. We want our customers to feel and know that we treat them fairly. We realise that in the current market situation, all customers are entirely free to choose the service provider they prefer, so customer opinion is very important for us.

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One way to reach our customers was the ‘No Nonsense at T-Mobile’ campaign. It was intended to assure existing customers that they were important for the company, and any offers for them were equally as attractive as those for new potential customers, and to eliminate nonsense which made their lives uncomfortable.

Changes in the customer service caused by COVID

In connection with the epidemic situation in 2020, we have taken a number of measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, colleagues and customers. As a critical infrastructure operator, T-Mobile monitored the emerging threats on an ongoing basis in order to react quickly and to be able to provide stable services to our customers.

Working remotely, handling administrative or banking matters, doing the shopping or even attending school – all of these activities are now happening via the internet.

According to T‑Mobile’s data, the requirement for voice-based services during the first days following the announcement of the state of epidemic emergency increased by 50% in this network, while the requirement for data transmission went up by 20%. Being aware of that, the operator has taken continuous care of the best quality of the network, preparing it to keep up with the increased demand for services.

During the last year, we encouraged our customers to stay at home and use our remote Customer Service tools — My T-Mobile application and My T-Mobile website, where a customer can independently resolve most of the issues related to the operation of their account, without the need to directly contact the operator’s employee.

With a view to encourage its customers to stay at home, T-Mobile launched ‘We Are Here for You’, a dedicated customer website where customers could obtain the necessary information about the remote Customer Service tools and remote consultant contact channels as well as get answers to the frequently asked questions.

Initiatives taken by T Mobile during the pandemic

While the pandemic was going on in Poland, T‑Mobile started a great number of initiatives, sharing its knowledge, products and services for improved comfort while working remotely and education of customers.

  • Network improvement — we have improved the efficiency of more than 2,500 stations. So that our customers can stay in touch with their loved ones.
  • Gifts in the application — individual customers receive weekly free-of-charge gigabyte pack in the My T‑Mobile application.
  • ‘We Are Here for You’ (Jesteśmy dla Ciebie) website — access to all services and customer service online.
  • ‘Home Quarantine’ (Kwarantanna Domowa) application without using up the data in the pack — customers quarantined in their homes may use the ‘Home Quarantine’ application without using up the data in their pack.
  • Free 10GB internet pack for business customers — we know that running a business today depends more heavily on Internet access than ever before. That is why we have prepared a free 10GB internet pack for our business customers.
  • Free Microsoft Office 365 — we have launched the ‘Together Remotely’ (zdalnie razem) website, where customers can find a software set and knowledge necessary for the smooth implementation of remote work in a company. Using the website, business owners may get a 6-month license for Microsoft Office 365, as well as Microsoft Teams, free of charge.
  • Free access to remote teaching tools — as part of a project implemented together with Microsoft, the National Cloud Operator and T-Systems, we enable children and teachers to continue to learn with the use of technology. The project is to make free-of-charge Office 365 and Microsoft Teams services available to every pupil and teacher, and to provide teachers with technical skills and soft skills training and support.
  • Free access to e-learning platforms — Bachelor, Master and PhD programme students who are T-Mobile customers can use several dozen e-learning platforms owned by 32 universities in Poland, without using up the data in their packs.

More information about T-Mobile’s activities during the pandemic can be found in here.

Highest standards to protect customer data

In our everyday work, we follow professional ethics, build relationships with customers and we are happy to have their trust. The security of customer data is also an important aspect of our work — we employ security systems and we monitor risks.

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Information security is one of the  cornerstones of credibility of telecommunications companies

To prevent possible damage in this area, we have identified risks and implemented a comprehensive package of technical and organisational measures that comply with the international standard ISO 27001, to ensure the confidentiality and resilience of data collection systems. The safeguards we use are continuously monitored and updated, which enables us to effectively prevent cybersecurity incidents. At every stage of data collection and processing, we inform customers about the purpose and scope of such operations, as well as about their right to access and make corrections to the data.

In 2020, we launched the implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code (change to the Telecommunications Law, implemented on the basis of EU regulations), which will specify such areas as: issues related to customer service, security of personal data, customer marketing consents. Issues such as cookies will also be regulated. The new regulations are already being put in place — some of them are already in effect; requirements under the regulations are now being adapted to the area of customer safety in order to ensure that all customers can exercise the rights they have. The Code will be fully applicable from July 2021.

In 2021, T-Mobile will be also adapting internal processes in the area of customer service, in connection with the new Consumer Rights Act of 2021.
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In 2020, we recorded 307 ‘significant’ incidents relating to the violation of privacy with respect to customer data. Under these, Customers submitted justified reports of the data being shared with an unauthorised person, as well as reports related to the issue of lost documents which contained our Customers’ data (e.g., due to an act of a courier company, without the loss of these data in the systems). In the past year, there were no major or large-scale incidents.

As part of corrective measures, we constantly improve our internal standards of action to minimise the number of such incidents in the future. We react swiftly to any breaches recorded, and we deliver personal data protection training and awareness campaigns for our employees. We have also implemented relevant procedures for reporting personal data breaches. All incidents are considered on a case-by-case basis.

When data are shared by our employees, the employee and their manager are informed of the breach found. In this way, we want to minimise the risk of recurrence of any further breaches. A disciplinary interview is also held with the manager of the employee concerned. Additionally, employees are recommended to exercise due care and diligence to ensure that a similar breach is not repeated in future.

We also verify that courier companies fulfil their obligations under the agreement concluded, including the obligations to act in accordance with the instructions and guidelines received from T-Mobile. The recommendations proposed and possible doubts as regards complying with the existing rules and standards are discussed on an ongoing basis during meetings with courier companies. Liquidated damages may be awarded for data breaches as provided for in the contractual clauses.

Modern data centre for T-Mobile customers

Data security is even more important in the times of accelerated digitisation. Seeking ways to improve their business or even maintain business continuity in the current situation, companies are increasingly keen to use digital solutions. To make sure that our customers have access to secure and reliable ICT solutions, we have invested in another state-of-the-art data processing facility in Warsaw. The new T‑mobile data processing centre is to comply with high security standards. The project has been recognised by an independent certification authority to meet ANSI/TIA 942 standard at Rated-3 level, which means that all areas of the data centre activity were assessed at a high level of reliability. The quality of the new data centre will be further confirmed by another certification, which will assess the centre after it starts operating, in 2021. Certification according to the European Standard EN 50600 is also planned.

T-Mobile has more than ten data processing centres, located all over Poland, at its disposal. Recently, the data centres in Wrocław and Cracow have been expanded, and a backup office service has been introduced in the Lower Silesia region.

We ensure access for all customers

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Disabled people are our very special customers. We can see the problems they have to overcome daily.

At T-Mobile, we endeavour to offer technological solutions for the individual needs of disabled people. To this end, we commenced cooperation with Migam, a company which helps us to develop solutions for the needs of the deaf.

With the new technological solutions, we offer sign language interpreting or induction loop systems at 120 T-Mobile stores. The long-term cooperation between T‑Mobile and Migam serves to break the communication barriers frequently encountered by people affected by deafness and hearing impairments in their daily routines, and which can be avoided by the use of new technologies.

At our points of sale, we use special signs which indicate whether sign language services are available, or whether the POS offers facilities for people with reduced mobility.

T-Mobile solutions for people with disabilities:

  • the possibility for people who are deaf or have communication difficulties to communicate audio-visually with interpreters of the Polish sign language or a sign-language system,
  • in selected points of sale, customers can use an induction loop system,
  • a list of T-Mobile stores offering solutions for disabled people is accessible on T-Mobile’s website.
  • customers can use special forms of certain documents, such as agreements or terms and conditions,
  • visually impaired people can be provided with large-print A3-format documents,
  • customers can ask for information about their telecommunications services to be shown on the computer display using the required font size, to enable them to read the documents,
  • customers who are blind can ask for documents in braille,
  • customers can ask for documents to be sent by email in a text file.
  • we adapt points of sale to be able to provide services to disabled people,
  • we remove architectural barriers whenever possible,
  • we search for new locations for our stores with easy access for customers.

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