We act together with our customers and employees

  • STOP Plastic
  • Replacement of fleet to include more eco-friendly engines
  • Using only green energy
  • Waste management
  • Paper bags instead of plastic bags
  • Environmental education
  • E-invoices
  • Smartphone regeneration
  • Promoting water conservation
  • Promoting energy conservation
  • Zero Waste
  • Eco-friendly lifestyle

We share our ideas with our customers and encourage our individual and business users to use the e-invoice service, a very simple way to reduce paper usage. Another solution we propose is to become paperless — a customer may choose to reduce the number of paper documents and have them sent by email when signing the agreement. We also encourage our suppliers to start using similar solutions.


We know that new technologies and the desire to obtain material possessions are also connected with the problem of the increasing amount of waste in the environment. Looking for more and more modern equipment, and replacing phones with newer models, is linked to an increase in the quantity of materials that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, in response to this approach, we have started a new campaign called ‘Smartphone regeneration’ (Smartfonowa regeneracja). Specialised companies working for T-Mobile renew and test used Apple phones. They are usually equipped with a new battery and charger, and then they are offered under subscription terms at a very attractive price. The renowned iPhone 6s, 7 and 8 models may later be purchased even for as little as PLN 1.

Following thorough refurbishment, the devices available in our eco-friendly offer are nearly as new — they have only slight traces of use and all their components have been properly tested.

The models are covered by 24 months’ guarantee, they come with new, original chargers, and most of them also have new batteries. We plan to extend our activities to other brands in the coming months.

‘Smartphone regeneration’ is to reduce waste and give smartphones a second life. By reintroducing refurbished phones into the circular economy, we not only provide our customers with efficient, modern and affordable equipment, but above all, we support the zero-waste concept.

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