We act for the environment together with Deutsche Telekom

Under the new strategy, the Deutsche Telekom Group wants to meet the (net-)zero target for direct and indirect emissions in 2025, while the supply chain target as early as in 2040 — 10 years earlier than originally planned.

In previous years, the Deutsche Telekom Group adopted a plan to completely eliminate its carbon footprint, both directly by the organisation and across the entire process from production to distribution, which was supposed to happen by 2050. However, the ambitious approach and the successes so far have resulted in the Group’s decision to achieve the goal a whopping 10 years faster. This will be implemented in stages. The first stage will be to reduce direct and indirect emissions in four years to come, that is, by 2025. The next will be to completely exclude emissions from the supply chain, which is to happen in 2040.

Deutsche Telekom strategy against climate change

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Environmental protection is a strategic 21st century approach which is part of T Mobile’s DNA, although in fact little gestures and small changes are enough to make our surroundings more friendly to everyone.

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