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We comply with the highest standards and rules of ethics, both in our internal relations and in contacts with third parties. We are committed to cooperate and search for trustworthy, responsible partners in our business operations.

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T-Mobile Polska is not just about telecommunication services. Our company is made up of a network of suppliers, partners and sales agents, who ensure that our services are available to a broad group of users. The suppliers of the mobile phones and other devices available in our stores are of particular importance for the operation of the company, and so are the sales agents who contact our customers directly.

We apply the standards of conduct and follow the rules laid down in the Code of Conduct in our business relations.

Our business partners and suppliers are informed about the standards and rules adopted by us to, for example, prevent corruption.

We expect our business partners to comply with the same principles that we expect ourselves to adhere to. Therefore, the Compliance Management Department offers all business partners the opportunity to conduct training as part of which it presents the rules of conduct in force at T‑Mobile Polska, in particular the anti-corruption rules.

All our contracts include clauses on the prevention of corruption and compliance with ethical requirements as well as environmental protection.
In relations with our suppliers, we act in observance of the highest standards defined in the global purchasing policies of Deutsche Telekom. Additionally, as a member of the Deutsche Telekom Group, we participate in the global process of supplier assessment.
In 2020, the Global Procurement Policy of the Deutsche Telekom Group was updated.
In 2021, the updated Policy is planned to be implemented also in T-Mobile Polska. The main objectives of the Policy pertain to Sustainable Procurement rules. The Procurement Department is responsible for cooperating with suppliers who are socially accountable and assume responsibility for the natural environment and for acting in accordance with the Sustainable Procurement Strategy of Deutsche Telekom AG, taking into account the relevant legal regulations (e.g., EU regulations, local regulations). The Procurement Department is responsible for ensuring that the rules relating to social and environmental responsibility are known and contractually agreed under the General Procurement Terms and Conditions and other design arrangements made with external suppliers.

Rules we follow when selecting suppliers

  1. Detailed supplier selection procedure, implemented and followed at each tender
  2. Anti-corruption clauses included in procurement contracts
  3. Verification of new suppliers by the Compliance Department
  4. Questionnaire for advisory service providers aimed at eliminating any attempts at corruption
  5. Using the Group’s tools, including, e.g., Sievo(1) to streamline the process of verifying the relevant entities.

(1)Sievo is a procurement performance management platform which analyses previous purchases, anticipates future expenses and manages orders. The platform is provided by SaaS. To learn more, go to

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