T-Mobile Polska is one of the largest mobile operators in Poland. The company provides telecommunications services to private and corporate customers.

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 More than 11.3 million customers take advantage from its services and solutions.

* As at the end of Q2 2021

T-Mobile is accessible throughout Poland due to its extensive structure of chains of offices and stores, which are easily accessible for customers. Our headquarters are located in Warsaw at 12 Marynarska Street.
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T‑Mobile Polska S.A. has been providing services on the mobile market since 1996 and celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021. The co-founder and currently the sole owner of T‑Mobile Polska is the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group, a global telecommunications giant, which includes T‑Mobile and T-Systems.

TMobile Polska provides mobile services using 2G, 3G and LTE technologies, covering almost 100% of Poland’s population and territory, as well as Voice over LTE and Voice over WiFi.
Since 9 June 2020, T-Mobile customers have been able to use the 5G network. Thanks to 2,700 base stations located all over Poland, as at 18 January 2021, the technology covers more than 8 million people in Poland.

By integrating with GTS Poland in 2015 and T-Systems Polska in 2017, T-Mobile Polska became an integrated operator, and its portfolio includes, in addition to mobile services, fixed-line services and a full range of ICT products.

In 2021, there was a merger of T‑Mobile Polska S.A. and Tele Haus Polska sp. z o.o. The merger plan posted on 28 October 2020 shows the details of the transaction. More information can be found here.


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Management Board of T-Mobile Polska

T Mobile Polska is managed by a Management Board comprising seven members, which establishes and implements the Company’s goals. ANDREAS MAIERHOFER has been the President of the Management Board since 2017

In 2020, there were changes in the firm’s Management Board. Frederic Perron resigned from his position of member of the Management Board of T-Mobile Polska for private market to take up a position outside Poland. Cezary Albrecht was appointed to the Management Board of T‑Mobile Polska to take up a position of Member of the Management Board, Chief Security, Legal and Compliance Officer. Furthermore, Włodzimierz Nowak ended his contract as Member of the Management Board. For more information about the members of the Management Board, visit our website.


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    Number of stores in Poland
  • 11.3
  • 6,456
    PLN billion
    Total revenues
  • 4,127
    Number of employees in 2020

* End of Q2 2021

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Awards and honours

The result of our actions is awards and honours granted to T-Mobile. We are proud that our efforts and activities are recognised and appreciated by the market and the public. These successes enable us to build strength and set the goal to meet the challenges to come.

  • BEST IN TEST award. In a study conducted by the umlaut research company, T‑Mobile received, for the fifth time, the‘Best in Test’ certificate for the best network. This year, T‑Mobile achieved the highest result, scoring 919 points out of the maximum 1000 and winning in the category of voice calls and mobile internet in all three areas (cities, towns, roads).
  • MP Power Award. T-Mobile received an award in the ‘corporate event — celebration’ category for the Magenta White Christmas event. This is a unique event at T-Mobile which is always of a charitable nature and combines fun with an important social goal — in 2019, this was climate change and cooperation with the WWF Foundation.
  • EVENTEX AWARD. T-Mobile Polska can also boast a bronze honour received for its #5G_LAB project. It was a several-day-long event in the centre of Warsaw, where a special zone was created, in which educational solutions based on augmented reality (AR) and 3D mapping appeared, making it possible to experience how the 5G network can make everyday life easier.
  • Golden CSR Leaf of the ‘Polityka’ weekly magazine. CSR Leaves are awarded annually by the editors of the ‘Polityka’ weekly magazine, in cooperation with the Deloitte consulting company and the Responsible Business Forum. T‑Mobile won the highest honour, that is, the Golden CSR Leaf for its activities in the field of corporate social re In addition, the company received a special honour for the pro-ecological initiative WE CARE, which was considered a particularly inspiring campaign supporting the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • ‘Debutant of the Year’ honour in the Responsible Companies Ranking. T‑Mobile was ranked 9th in the general classification and 6th in the industry category, entitled ‘Services, trade, transport’. At the same time, the company was awarded the title of ‘Debutant of the Year’. The partners of the Ranking are the Responsible Business Forum, Deloitte and the Gazeta Prawna daily magazine.
  • The Digital Excellence Awards is a competition organised by CIO Net, which annually identifies the best of leaders in digital transformation and awards the Digital Excellence of the Year titles. T-Mobile won in the Transformational Capabilities category. The company was honoured for the digital transformation it has managed to accomplish recently to further improve its internal processes and work results.
  • The ‘Power of Attraction’ award of the Puls Biznesu magazine. The ‘Power of Attraction’ competition is organised by the Puls Biznesu magazine — this year saw its 5th edition. This year, T-Mobile received the main award in the Candidate Experience in the recruitment process category.
  • Smart City Poland Award. T-Mobile Polska won in two main categories: Environmental Protection and Innovative Economy. For years, T-Mobile Polska has been supporting the local governments in Poland in developing smart systems, combining modern technologies with the needs of local cities and regions. These actions have resulted in projects based on the NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT) network, a basic technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) systems and Smart Cities based on LTE and 5G standards. Two of such implementations were appreciated by the organisers of Smart City Poland Award, a competition that promotes and rewards innovative solutions implemented in local government units.
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As part of our day-to-day practice, we are committed to continuously developing our product offer for various customer groups. While doing so, we do not forget about the need to ensure that our products and services do not affect the health or safety of users. Our efforts in this area are confirmed by the fact that in 2020, there were no reported cases of non-compliance with the regulations related to the impact of products and services on the health and safety of customers. We always act in compliance with the laws and external regulations; therefore, in the past year, no penalties were imposed on T-Mobile Polska for non-compliance with laws and regulations in the socioeconomic area.

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