Letter from the President of the Management Board

The past year has been a major challenge for everyone, including T-Mobile. We had to face changes in social, economic and family life. New ways of working and new forms of leisure-time activities have also had a huge impact on our business. Our aim was to provide customers with uninterrupted communication capabilities to support them in these difficult times.

As a telecoms company, we faced two business challenges in 2020: the additional expenditure involved in maintaining the quality of our network under increased load, and the need to switch virtually the entire company to remote working mode. I am happy that we managed to overcome these challenges.

Yet despite the pandemic, we have not forgotten about our duties as a responsible company and one that is driven by a higher purpose. Responsible business activities are one of the seven main tenets of the 2021-2024 strategy. As part of this, we are focusing on three areas that are the cornerstone of our business. They include social impact, digital accountability and caring for the environment. T‑Mobile’s Strategy is inextricably linked with the protection of our planet and the implementation of responsible business goals in practice. This involves, in particular, activities intended to reduce carbon dioxide emission, save natural resources and increase the efficiency of energy consumption.

Environmental protection is extremely important to us, but we are taking it forward in parallel with other social and sustainable development activities, which we implemented last year, also to fight the pandemic. We want to ensure that no-one feels digitally excluded and that technology is used safely – this is exactly what our digital responsibility is all about. That is why we want to address, first of all, two major issues. Firstly, we want to take care of those who find technology daunting, namely senior citizens. Secondly, of those who sometimes know it all too well – the youngest users, to make sure they are safe.

Our activities in this area have been noticed and appreciated by the market, as evidenced by the ‘Green Brand’ certificate in the Technology category or the Golden CSR Leaf of the ‘Polityka’ weekly.

We have presented our vision of being a responsible and sustainable organisation in our latest 2020 Sustainability Report. It is not only a summary of our activities so far in 2020, but above all, it presents our plans and T-Mobile’s development path for the years to come. The report was developed in accordance with international GRI Standards for reporting.

Since working on the report was a huge challenge, at this point, I would like to thank our employees for their commitment in the preparation of the report, as well as our stakeholders for getting involved in the process of report development, and for providing feedback. We hope that thanks to the commitment of both parties, the report meets your expectations even further.

I encourage you to read it and contact us.

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