We support interesting initiatives

Furthermore, in 2020, we started another project with the CoderDojo Polska Foundation. ‘Fun Academy’ (Fajna Akademia) offers free online classes for children between 8 and 12 and their parents. By participating in classes organised as part of the Fun Academy, children can learn about innovative skills that are extremely useful in education, and also spend valuable time with their parents.

It is also an excellent way to get in touch with the other participants in the classes, which the youngest children now miss so much.

The leading theme of the Fun Academy is digital learning tools.

The instructors were trying to transfer knowledge through play and active participation in the project. During workshops, an invitation was waiting for the youngest participants to participate in interactive voting, play charades or learn how to use interesting, free-of-charge graphics software, which is understandable and easily usable even for 8-year-olds.

We delivered a total of four online meetings which were attended by 150 children and their parents, which means that the project included a total of 300 people, who had the opportunity to learn about modern educational tools.

The website of the project can be found here: https://coderdojo.org.pl/projekty/fajna-akademia/


Last year, we joined the Digital Festival — the largest educational and technological initiative in Poland.

It is an event organised by Digital Poland Foundation, addressed to both those who are only starting off in the digital world and those who wish to develop their competences. As part of the Festival, T‑Mobile became involved in the Innovation Night, during which research and development centres, universities and technology companies opened its doors (also the virtual ones) to the public. T‑Mobile Polska decided to show the audience how one of our company’s largest data centre in Poland operates and how it is equipped.

At the same time, we also engaged in the Digital Hero campaign organised by Digital Poland in collaboration with the Work from Bed Foundation, where participants can get to know the profiles of people who, despite life’s downturns and disability, are trying to get their normal lives back using digital technologies. Every Festival participant could support the Digital Heroes by helping to finance the purchase of modern equipment and professional training courses on digital competences for those who need them the most.

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